313 W. 75th St, Willowbrook IL 60527

Southwest corner of 75th St. and Clarendon Hills Rd, Across from Hinsdale South football field. If you live in 60527,60559 or 60561 we can pick you up from home and drop you off at home for your driving lessons (at no extra charge!). All other driving lessons will start and end at our Top Driver center.

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  • 30 hours of Classroom Instruction
  • # Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons
    (1 hour each)
  • # Behind the Wheel Observations
    (1 hour each)
  • Online "Parent Coaching System" for new Teen Drivers
    A $99 value
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  • 2 Hour "City Drive" lesson (optional)
    *must call to schedule*
  • Advanced In-Vehicle Lesson Scheduling
    *must call to schedule*


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Fun with drivers ed. Teen in car with driving instructor.

Additional Training Options

Specialized Program for students with ADHD and Other Executive Functioning Disorders. Learn More
In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 8 Hours - $399 Enroll
In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 6 Hours - $325 Enroll
In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 2 Hours - $120 Enroll

Call Customer Service at (800) 374-8373
Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm

About Willowbrook Driving School

At Top Driver’s Willowbrook driving school location we train future drivers about driving safety and traffic laws through our integrated classroom and in-vehicle training sessions.  We make sure students stay engaged by using the Ignition curriculum we developed over the past sixteen years, which encourages student participate during their drivers ed classroom sessions.  One sign of a great driving school is a class full of students who are actively participating in a discussion as opposed to one where the drivers ed students are being lectured at. All of our driving schools have an extensive selection of course schedules and the driving school in Willowbrook is no different.  We offer day, night and weekend classes; we’ll even work with teams and groups to create custom classes that work around busy practice schedules.  We want to make sure that teens have the opportunity to go to the best driving school with such an extensive drivers ed class schedule.

Willowbrook, IL Top Driver Location, front of building

Call Customer Service at (800) 374-8373
Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm