5 Driving Tips that Can Save Your Life

5 Driving Tips that Can Save Your Life

It can be easy to hop in your car every day and go about your business, forgetting that you’re in a powerful machine that’s moving very fast! If you’re not careful and conscious, you could do some serious damage to your vehicle and yourself. Here are Top Driver’s top five favorite tips for staying safe on the roads that you might not think about. To learn more about Top Driver Education visit us online at topdriver.com or call (888) 471-5418.

  1. Don’t have your car visible in your side-view mirrors.

If you can see any part of your vehicle in your side-view (or “wing”) mirrors, they’re improperly adjusted. This misalignment can cause your blind spots to be much larger than they need to be.

  1. Techno music and house music make you a worse driver.

Studies show that techno and house music genres cause your heart rate to increase, which makes you more jumpy and less focused, therefore making you a worse driver overall.

  1. Always keep your headlights on.

According to studies, you can decrease your likelihood of being in an accident by up to 32% by just leaving your headlights on all the time. Having your headlights on makes you more visible and keeps other drivers in check around you. Drivers just don’t pull out in front of a car that they can clearly see!

  1. Your parking brake will stop working if you don’t use it regularly.

Your parking brake – or emergency brake – has steel cables that force your car to stop when you’re parked on an incline or in an emergency when your brakes go out. If you don’t use these brakes regularly, the steel cables can corrode and rust, rendering them useless in an emergency situation when you need them most.

  1. Don’t brake when you get a flat.

Braking during a blowout, or even a standard flat tire, situation can cause you to fishtail and potentially even flip your car. Simply allow your car to coast down to a stop on the shoulder of the road if you experience the situation. The potential damage to your rim is well worth your life!

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