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Be an Example: How You Can Model Good Driving Habits for Your Teen

If your teen is just starting to drive, they’ve been learning from you, as a parent, for longer than you realize. In fact, they likely started subconsciously picking up on your driving habits from the day they first drove in the car with you. It’s no secret that teenagers replicate their parents’ driving behavior, so […]

What You Need to Know to Prepare for Winter Driving

Driving in the cold winter months is a different experience than driving in normal weather conditions. As we approach the winter season and heavy snowfalls, here are some tips to help you prepare for winter driving:   Have a fully charged battery The cold winter months are the most important for having a fully charged […]

4 Tips to Save on Your Car Insurance

Your car insurance bill is something you pay on a monthly basis, perhaps on auto-pay, and then you don’t think about it again until the next month. Have you thought about ways to save on your car insurance? Auto insurance is not a fixed cost, and with some careful consideration, it can be lowered. Here […]

Happy Thanksgiving! What We’re Grateful for at Top Driver

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. At Top Driver, we have plenty to be thankful for, so we’d like to share some of the things that are going well and deserve some appreciation:   Our Customers Like any company, our success is made possible because of our […]

Don’t Abuse Your Freedom: What You’ll Learn After Getting Your License

During the course of your driver education, you’ll learn about safety, proper driving behavior, rules and regulations,  and your responsibilities as a driver. When you first receive your driver’s license, you may feel invincible. You’re handed the keys and freedom is all yours. But it’s important to stay focused and continue to practice proper driving […]

Be Alert: The Most Common Mistakes Teens Make While Driving

As a new driver, you have a lot of pressure to properly learn and develop a new skillset and avoid making mistakes. Getting behind the wheel is a great responsibility that comes with some potential risks. To avoid making common driving mistakes, it’s important to first know what types of driving mistakes teenagers are making […]

3 Ways to Encourage Your Teenage Children to Avoid Using Their Phone While Driving

Driving is an activity that requires full attention—something that is rare to find in today’s world of connectivity. It’s important for teenage drivers to get into the habit (from the start) of putting their phones away. Texting, taking selfies, checking emails or scrolling through their Facebook news feed while driving can all wait until they’ve […]

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Driving Courses for Individuals with ADHD

All parents with teens starting driver education have mixed feelings of excitement accompanied with nervousness. If your child has ADHD or another executive functioning disorder, you likely have even more concerns than other parents. Just how nervous should you be? How do you negotiate your child’s desire to drive with the challenges they face? What […]

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Driving In Heavy Rain

Getting stuck driving in heavy rains can be a scary experience. Your car could hydroplane, it’s harder to brake quickly and accidents are much more common. Here are some tips for safe driving in a rainstorm. Turn your headlights on Rain reduces visibility on the road, making it harder to see approaching cars and judge […]

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