Tips for Dealing with Heavy Traffic

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Few things are more frustrating than getting stuck in a massive traffic jam. Whether it’s caused by an accident on the road, construction or just general rush hour backup, driving in traffic is less than ideal. It can also be dangerous. Here are some tips for driving when there are a lot of other cars […]

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Why You Actually Need an Oil Change

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If you have no oil in your car’s engine, the metal pieces are rubbing together as you drive, creating friction. Oil lubricates your engine and keeps it from overheating. You can’t run a car without any oil in it. You probably aren’t doing that, since most cars will have oil in them when you buy. […]

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When to Use the Passing Lane

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How to Choose: Right or Left Lane? On roads with multiple lanes, drivers often see signs that say "Slower Traffic Keep Right" or "Keep Right Except to Pass." While this seems self-explanatory at first glance, there is a strong debate about what these signs truly mean. Are they polite guidelines, meant to remind us how [...]

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Sharing the Road with Runners

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Encountering runners on the road is a common occurrence in many communities around the United States. Although fitness is important to people of all ages, these runners can sometimes pose an additional risk to drivers. Drivers, especially new drivers, need to be aware of the dangers posed by runners on the road. Here are a [...]

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Construction Workers Have the Right of Way

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As a driver you are required to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Nowhere is this more important than when you are driving in a construction zone. The lanes may be narrower. Workers may cross the road in front of you or be working right at the edge of traffic. Large construction equipment [...]

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Sharing the Road with Bicycles

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It is said that the first recorded car accident to take place in the United States was between a car and a bicycle back in 1896; back then there were a lot fewer cars and bikes on the road. Today an average of 700 bicyclists are killed in cycling accidents a year and another 45,000 […]

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