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What You Should Know When Sharing the Road with Cyclists

The number of cyclists on our roads, especially in large cities, has increased over the years. When you’re sharing the road with cyclists, it’s important for the safety of everyone to drive with extra caution. Here’s what every driver needs to know when sharing the road with cyclists:   Pay attention to the bike lane. […]

4 Safe Driving Tips to Teach Your Teens

When your teenage son or daughter first starts driving, it’s crucial to establish safe driving habits from the start. Safe driving tips that they start practicing from the beginning will stay with them for a lifetime. Use these four safe driving tips when you’re teaching your teenager to drive.   Buckle up. The first action […]

Flashing Lights: What to Do When Pulled Over

In the event of a traffic stop, both you and the police officer want a smooth and safe encounter. It’s important to stay calm and keep these tips in mind to prevent the situation from escalating. Here’s what to do when pulled over:   Safely pull over. When you see the flashing lights in your […]

3 Tips to Prepare for Your Driver’s Test

Preparing for your driver’s test may seem like a daunting task. You’ve spent hours in the classroom and driving with an instructor, parent or guardian, and now it’s time to take your driver’s test. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for the big test.   1. Ask questions. During your […]

What You Need to Know About Passing a Stopped School Bus in Illinois

  There’s a few more months before school gets out for summer, so now is a good time to review some safety protocols when it comes to driving near school zones, specifically passing a stopped school bus in Illinois. Here’s what you need to know to follow the rules, keep the roads safe and avoid […]

Why You Should Choose Top Driver as Your Teen’s Driving School

As a parent, choosing your teen’s driving school is a major decision. You want your teen to receive proper driving education and come away with the knowledge and resources to practice safe driving habits every time they get behind the wheel. So out of the several options that you have, what makes us stand out? […]

Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Brown: Know What Each Type Of Road Sign Means

  Road signs come in many different shapes and colors, and keeping track of each color can be difficult. But studying your traffic signs and knowing what each type of road sign means could be the difference between reaching your destination safely or not. Here are some tips to improve your knowledge of traffic sign […]

Prepare For the Unexpected: Why You Should Have an Auto Emergency Kit in Your Car

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life. You may think you’re invincible when you’re driving, but the fact of the matter is an unexpected event can occur at anytime. What if you run out of gas along the highway and you’re miles away from the nearest gas station? Or what if you’re tires blowout? Are you […]

2017 New Year’s Resolutions for Young Drivers

Happy 2017! At Top Driver, our main focus is to teach young people how to drive safely and intelligently. In today’s age, staying focused while driving is as difficult as it’s ever been before. That’s why for 2017, we’d like to challenge young drivers (and parents, too!) to set New Year’s resolutions and stick to […]

Do I Really Need That Oil Change? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Car Maintenance

Staying on top of your car maintenance on a regular basis is important to keep your vehicle running properly. It’s easy to get busy and put off your vehicle maintenance, but doing so could be more costly in the long term. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t neglect car maintenance:   Your car is […]

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