About Just Hang It Up

Just Hang It Up is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending distracted driving. It is comprised of 9-12th graders from all over the Chicago metropolitan area. Using their portable distracted driving simulators, they teach students and adults the dangers of distracted driving and propose the challenge, “Can you survive if you text and drive?”


Impressions from teens after using the distracted driving simulator

“The simulator gave me a different perspective on driving and showed me that it is not ok to text and drive. I didn’t even touch the phone on the screen because I was scared to crash.” — Hannah, 15

“This simulator showed me all the little distractions I see every day and the huge impact it can have on focused driving.” — Jakob, 15

“It gave me a better understanding of why you should not drive while distracted. I hit objects while texting that could be easily avoided.” — Taylor, 15