Montini Catholic High School

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  • 30 hours of Classroom Instruction
  • # Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons
    (1 hour each)
  • # Behind the Wheel Observations
    (1 hour each)
  • Online "Parent Coaching System" for new Teen Drivers
    A $99 value
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  • 2 Hour "City Drive" lesson (optional)
    *must call to schedule*
  • Advanced In-Vehicle Lesson Scheduling
    *must call to schedule*


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Fun with drivers ed. Teen in car with driving instructor.

Additional Training Options

Specialized Program for students with ADHD and Other Executive Functioning Disorders. Learn More
In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 8 Hours - $399 Enroll
In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 6 Hours - $325 Enroll
In-Vehicle Mentoring Teens – 2 Hours - $120 Enroll

Call Customer Service at (800) 374-8373
Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm

About Montini Catholic High School Driving School

For students of Montini Catholic High School Top Driver’s drivers education courses taught right at Montini Catholic High School are the best and most convenient option.  The driving instructors are highly trained and go through a thorough background check before teaching any classes and oftentimes are the very same teachers who teach at the school.  Learning to drive in a familiar environment helps students feel more at ease and retain information. With over fifteen years of experience Top Driver specializes in a highly innovative curriculum which makes use of classroom discussions and interactive learning to teach teen drivers to be safe and intelligent drivers.

What Areas Does Top Driver in Montini Catholic High School Service

Only students currently attending Montini Catholic High School may participate in the drivers education courses taught there.

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Call Customer Service at (800) 374-8373
Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm