Prepare For the Unexpected: Why You Should Have an Auto Emergency Kit in Your Car

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life. You may think you’re invincible when you’re driving, but the fact of the matter is an unexpected event can occur at anytime. What if you run out of gas along the highway and you’re miles away from the nearest gas station? Or what if you’re tires blowout? Are you prepared? Here’s how to prepare for the unexpected and why you should have an auto emergency kit in your car (and what to pack!).


  • Keep your gas tank at least a quarter full at all times. It would even be wise to keep your gas tank at least half full at all times. By doing so, you’ll ensure never running out of gas, one of the first causes of a roadside emergency.


  • Prepare for mechanical repair. Have some essentials packed in your auto emergency kit, such as pliers, a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, locking pliers, wire cutters, and jumper cables. If you run into mechanical issues and are stranded on the side of the ride, it might be something you can fix on your own if you’re prepared with the right tools.


  • Have a first-aid kit. Regardless of unexpected events, it’s a smart idea to have a first-aid kit in your car, especially if you’re driving with kids in the car. Having a basic first-aid kit can prevent a bad situation from getting worse.


  • Have survival essentials stored. In the event of a roadside emergency where you’re isolated from civilization and have no way of initially reaching rescue, is your vehicle equipped with essentials for survival, such as water, food and warmth? Having water bottles, water purification tablets and a wool blanket packed could mean the difference between life and death.

It’s not easy to think about emergency situations. Most people think it will never happen to them. But when you’re driving, unexpected roadside emergencies can happen. Be prepared for the worst and have an auto emergency kit in your car. It can, quite literally, save your life.

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