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Is Distracted Driving a Problem in Illinois?

According to the Distracted Drivers Task Force 2008 Report, “NHTSA estimates that 10% of all Illinois drivers are utilizing their cell phones at any given moment while operating their motor vehicle.” And most recently the State of Illinois has imposed additional penalties for Illinoisans who decide to text and drive.  House Bill 4846 took effect […]

10 fatal crash statistics every Illinois teen driver should know

10 Fatal Crash Statistics Every Illinois Teen Driver Should Know

Does your teen driver know the most recent data involving fatal crashes? Parent involvement is a key factor in improving teen driver safety. Parents are the unofficial “driving coaches” who help their teens learn to drive and lead the licensing process. Ensure your teenagers understand the responsibility that comes along with earning an Illinois driver’s […]

National teen driver safety week, october 20-26, 2010

Top Driver to Celebrate Teen Driver Safety Week

2019 Instagram Contest with Daily Prizes [Download full media alert here] Top Driver is excited to celebrate National Teen Driver Safety Week on October 20th through October 26th. National Teen Driver Safety Week is dedicated to raising awareness and seeking solutions to prevent teen injuries and deaths on the road. Top Driver students are invited […]

What to do if your brakes fail while driving.

What to do When Your Brakes Fail While Driving

For better or worse, driving a car is a hypnotic activity for many people. We’ve become so used to commanding our fast, two-ton, metal vehicles every day on the way to and from work, errands, etc. that we often forget just how dangerous it can be. But nothing snaps you back into cold, hard reality […]

12 steps for fixing a damaged tire or blown tire

12 Steps for Fixing a Damaged Tire

If you spend a considerable amount of time in the car, flat tires are about as guaranteed as having to pay taxes. Damaged tires are much more common in areas with heavy construction and during periods of warmer weather. It’s important to know what to do and make sure you’re prepared before this inevitable and […]

What should be in your trunk if your car breaks down?

What Should Be in Your Vehicle if Your Car Breaks Down?

A sudden car breakdown is one of the biggest inconveniences you can have on a day-to-day basis. They always seem to happen at the worst possible moments: birthdays, weddings, vacations, etc. But when you think about it, at least one of the many moving parts in a vehicle are bound to malfunction eventually; it’s not […]

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Important Facts About Texting and Driving

7 Facts About Texting and Driving You Need to Know You’ve probably seen it all-too-frequently, even in your own neighborhood: you stop at a light or pass someone on the highway and catch a glimpse of the driver next to you who is…staring down at their phone. It’s never a good look. People wrongly think […]

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How to Safely Plan a Roadtrip

It’s that time of year again. School is coming to a close, mother nature has cranked up the heat and many families are busy planning a roadtrip. But not so fast! Before you put the pedal to the metal and map out your long journey to Disney, there are a few tips and tricks every […]

What is a specialized driver education program?

What is a Specialized Driver Education Program?

For drivers with ADHD and other executive-functioning disorders, it’s important to practice driving in a welcoming and calm environment with minimal distractions. A specialized driver education program provides individualized skill training that promotes new cognitive routines for the driver through coaching. Research has shown that using a coaching approach with this particular population is more […]

Top Driver Driver Intelligence™ Scholarship Program

What is the Top Driver Driver Intelligence™ Scholarship Program?

Top Driver Driver Intelligence™ Scholarship Program The Top Driver Driver Intelligence™ Scholarship Program was created to bring awareness to the critically dangerous issue of reckless and distracted driving among teens. All applicants are asked to submit a media entry that discourages reckless driving and highlights the dangers associated with reckless driving. While Top Driver encourages creativity, […]

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