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Top Driver Driving Schools Difference

Not all driving schools are the same. Only Top Driver addresses parents’ main concerns about driver education: quality of the training, convenience, and help for the parent in coaching their teen to drive safely. As one of the nation’s top driving schools, parents can trust Top Driver.

Top Driver Driving Schools Feature:

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Contemporary Training

  • Energetic professional Driver Education teachers
  • Engaging, multi-media teaching approach
  • Proprietary state approved curriculum that goes beyond the basics of driving and teaches students to be proactive
  • State-of-the-art driver ed facilities that stimulate learning through interactive and group oriented learning

Convenient for Students and Parents

  • The most classes and in-vehicle lessons — more than 15,000 hours of classes and 21,000 hours of in-vehicle training each year
  • Easy online tools to register, schedule and manage your training when it’s convenient
  • Email reminders to help you keep track of in-vehicle lessons
  • Professional customer service a call or click away
fun while driving
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Parent Resources

  • Informative introductory parent orientation
  • Assessments and feedback after every driving lesson
  • Online training to help you better coach your teen during practice driving
  • Many other tools to help manage the driver training and license processes