Parent Resources

“We Teach Driver Intelligence”

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is a key factor in improving teen driver safety. Parents are the unofficial “driving coaches” who help their teen learn to drive and lead the licensing process.

These parent resources provide the steps parents should follow and the tools Top Driver has available every step of the way:

Be a great coach

You know how to drive, but coaching your teen can be nerve-wracking

Continually assess and evaluate

Ensure your teen has experience in all driving conditions

Select the right driving school

Select a driving school based on quality of education

Talk to your Teen

Agree on your expectations and consequences of violations

Learn the process

Getting a license can be complicated. Learn the right steps and understand the required documents

Be a good role model

Always follow the rules of the road; teens copy their parent’s behavior

Get involved in training

Talk to your driving school instructor to identify skills your teen needs to focus on while practicing