Refresher Online Driving Courses

“We Teach Driver Intelligence”

Great refresher online driving courses to help drivers raise skills in specific areas that they need improvement.

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20-35 minutes


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road rage tips

Aggressive Driving

Learn about aggressive driving, road rage, and how to manage your emotions to be a safer driver.

man drinking while driving

Alcohol, Drugs and Driving

Learn about the various types of drugs and how they affect the body, how BAC levels vary by person and situation, how various BAC levels impact driving, and the consequences of drinking and driving

car crash tips

Avoiding Crashes

Learn about the most common types of motor vehicle crashes, how to avoid crashes by driving proactively, and how to always leave an escape route.

driving in rain tips

Driving and Adverse Weather

Learn about driving safety considerations in adverse weather, the importance of traction and weight shift in poor conditions, driving in rain, and driving in winter conditions.

highway drivers education

Highway Driving

Learn about entering, driving on, and exiting highways and other multi-lane, high speed roads.

traffic lights road crossing

Intersections and Right-of-Way

Learn about proactive driving and intersections, right-of-ways, and a variety of intersection situations.

dark road driving

Night Driving

Learn about preparing for night driving,
techniques for safe night driving, and sharing the road with others at night.

parking tips drivers ed

Parking Lot Safety

Learn about the many hazards in parking lots, how to drive proactively in parking lots, when to yield to others, finding the safest parking space, backing out of a parking space, and parking garages.

driving at high speeds

Speed Management

Learn how to be a safe and proactive driver by managing your speed more effectively. Learn about speed limits, adjusting speed to the conditions, and how weight transfer affects traction.

map while driving

Understanding Distracted Driving

Learn about the types of distractions, how the brain processes information and the impact on driving, and the extreme dangers of cell phones and driving including texting and driving simulation