Top Driver is an approved Illinois Secretary of State Driver Remedial Course provider.

As a condition for reinstatement of your driver’s license or permit following a suspension is your participation in an approved Graduate to Safety Driver Remedial Education Course. Drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 who have received 2 violations within 24 months, or who received a violation under the Zero Tolerance Law and received a suspension of their driver’s license, are required by the State of Illinois to complete the Driver Remedial Education course.

Inside a driving class: teacher and students at desks.

Remedial Driving Course is being held in person.

The cost of the program is $99.00. Enrollment and payment in advance only.

IN-PERSON Held at our Homer Glen Classroom location – October 15, 2022 (9am-1pm)

IN-PERSON Held at our Lombard Classroom location- November 12, 2022 (9am-1pm)

IN-PERSON Held at our Homer Glen Classroom location- December 10, 2022 (9am-1pm)


Please call Customer Service to enroll in an upcoming class or for additional information at (800) 374-8373.