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January 15, 2021 Update

Attention Top Driver Families,

Happy New Year! We are excited to announce that Top Driver has been approved, as part of the Illinois Secretary of State’s pilot program, to conduct the “Road Test”. This is one of the final requirements of a teen obtaining their driver’s license and is normally held only at the DMV facilities. There are many benefits to having your student participate in Top Driver’s program once they have completed their classroom and driving requirements – please click on this link for more details:

Cooperative Road Test Information

Top Driver continues to go the extra mile to ensure that we are providing a safe learning environment for our students and instructors. We are now Transportation Sanitization (TS) certified and are employing additional training to our staff and implementing an increased sanitization protocol to all of our vehicles. Learn more about our vehicle sanitization process by watching the video below.

Top Driver COVID-19 Vehicle Sanitization Update

Top Driver is going the extra mile to ensure that we are providing a safe learning space for our students and instructors.

Classroom UPDATES:

We are pleased to offer our WEBCAST Online Classroom option (self-paced with no structured schedule) to provide alternative classroom training for our students! Students may enroll at any time however they must be 15 years old in order to complete the last class module and the final exam. The Secretary of State has announced that the WEBCAST On Demand classroom option will be available until the State of Illinois reaches Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois plan. We encourage students to take advantage of this online classroom option while our traditional classroom programs are unavailable. Please contact Customer Service with any questions at 800-374-8373. Thank you for your patience.

In-Vehicle Training UPDATES:

    • As a result of the highly unusual set of circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic Top Driver will be making modifications to our standard behind the wheel procedures.
    • The details of the In-Vehicle training updates have been emailed to all existing students and can be found on our student portal, Top Driver Signals:
    • Until social distancing is no longer mandated, all in-vehicle training will start and end at Top Driver Education Centers.
    • In addition to daily vehicle cleaning, Top Driver has also invested in a COVID sanitization service from TSCERT whose products are EPA-registered, approved by the FDA, USDA and used in accordance with CDC, OSHA and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for disinfecting.
    • Mandatory use of face coverings/masks by all students and instructors is required. Lessons will not be conducted if a student is not wearing proper face covering. This is mandated by the Illinois Secretary of State. Students and instructors are asked a series of Pre-Drive Questions regarding their potential exposure to COVID-19 and lessons can be cancelled at no charge if there is any possibility of illness or exposure due to COVID-19.

Thank you very much for your patience and flexibility as we work through this crisis along with the rest of the state and nation.

The Top Driver Management Team


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