Reconsidering the Need to Speed

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Going over the posted speed limit is a leading factor in fatal car crashes. In fact, for every 10 miles per hour over 50 mph, the risk of death in a traffic collision is doubled. This alarming statistic is exactly why drivers need to reassess their situation when considering speeding. Listed below are some common situations that arise and may cause you to consider speeding. We’ve provided some tips on how you can still safety reach your destination without speeding.


Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, it can actually worsen the situation if you speed to the hospital. Instead, call 911 for assistance from trained professionals. They are trained to drive at higher speeds and traffic is required to yield to them. These professionals may also be able to provide life saving services before you ever even get on the road.


Running late

Many people speed because they feel like they’re running late. However, speeding has been proven to save very little, if any time. Have you ever been passed by a car, only to come up next to them at the next stop light? Before you hit the road next time, check the traffic report and allow enough time to reach your destination.


Unaware of the speed limit

Concentrate and be alert when driving. Scan for all signs, signals and roadway markings. To avoid exceeding the speed limit, occasionally glance at the speedometer to see how fast you’re going and adjust your speed accordingly.


Speeding is never the answer. Allowing yourself enough time to reach your destination, or calling professionals in the event of an emergency, ensures that you and other drivers on the road remain as safe as possible. Top Driver offers a refresher online driving course focused on speed management. To learn more about this course, click here.

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