Driving Etiquette

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When you get your learner’s permit and study to take your driving test, there are lot of road rules you have to learn to get a license. You know all the laws and regulations and illegal moves that’ll get you a ticket, but what about basic driving etiquette? What are the unwritten rules of the […]

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School Zone Safety

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When driving around a school, there are many things you need to watch for. That is why School Zones were created. Every year, children are hit by drivers who are speeding, texting or simply not paying attention. When you are behind the wheel in a school zone, here are some drivers training tips for driving [...]

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4 Quick Back-To-School Driving Safety Tips

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Fall is coming and with that is the back to school time for most kids across the country. Soon, the routine of getting up earlier, rushing out the door, busy crosswalks, and late night homework will be in full swing. This is a time for where good driver education really comes into play. Below we […]

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