Most Common Driving Violations

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Getting a traffic ticket is no fun. It causes a time delay from getting pulled over, usually costs a few hundred dollars in fines, add points to your license, cause your insurance costs to go up, and may even require you to go to traffic school. People who’ve been driving for a long time may […]

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Recent Teen Driving Study

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Teen drivers have mastered basic skills, according to a recent study published in Injury Prevention, but they lack advanced skills that could keep them safe on the highway. For the study, teen and adult drivers took a 35-minute "drive" in a simulated driving assessment (SDA). The drive included 22 of the high-risk conditions most likely [...]

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Recent AAA Study

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As state and federal funding for drivers education courses decreases more and more novice drivers are opting to skip driving school, but a recent study published by AAA shows that teenage drivers who miss out on drivers education are more likely to get into traffic accidents or receive traffic convictions. Teenage drivers who attend courses [...]

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