Driving Courses for Individuals with ADHD

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All parents with teens starting driver education have mixed feelings of excitement accompanied with nervousness. If your child has ADHD or another executive functioning disorder, you likely have even more concerns than other parents. Just how nervous should you be? How do you negotiate your child’s desire to drive with the challenges they face? What […]

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Most Common Driving Violations

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Getting a traffic ticket is no fun. It causes a time delay from getting pulled over, usually costs a few hundred dollars in fines, add points to your license, cause your insurance costs to go up, and may even require you to go to traffic school. People who’ve been driving for a long time may […]

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Why You Actually Need an Oil Change

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If you have no oil in your car’s engine, the metal pieces are rubbing together as you drive, creating friction. Oil lubricates your engine and keeps it from overheating. You can’t run a car without any oil in it. You probably aren’t doing that, since most cars will have oil in them when you buy. […]

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Traffic Circles and Roundabouts

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Modern roundabouts differ vastly from older traffic circles. The older method involved a convergence of roads together in a center; whereas, the modern roundabout features a steady flow to prevent lock up, which was common with older traffic circles. For instance, people entering the traffic circle had the right of way, which caused significant back-up. [...]

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Recent Teen Driving Study

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Teen drivers have mastered basic skills, according to a recent study published in Injury Prevention, but they lack advanced skills that could keep them safe on the highway. For the study, teen and adult drivers took a 35-minute "drive" in a simulated driving assessment (SDA). The drive included 22 of the high-risk conditions most likely [...]

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Tips for Better Parallel Parking

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If you're uneasy about parallel parking, you aren't alone. It's one of the most common reasons people flunk their driving tests, and even those who manage to pass aren't always comfortable with it. If you live in a large city, like Chicago, parallel parking is an essential skill to have. You'll need to learn how [...]

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Illinois Graduated Driver License Program

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Like most other U.S. states, Illinois law requires new teen drivers to participate in a graduated driver license program designed to help new drivers have an easy time with the transition from their initial training at driving schools to full driving privileges. The Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles requires teen drivers to go through three [...]

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Ohio Cell Phone Laws

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Starting back in 2013 Ohio Cell Phone Laws banned text messaging while driving. Drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from all mobile device use while driving. Some local municipalities have also banned cell phone use, but it varies from location to location. Exceptions to Ohio Cell Phone Laws Adults can use cell phones [...]

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